If you need to keep unwanted visitors from dropping in on your celebration or party, we provide uniformed or non-uniformed guards who will help to ensure the smooth running of your event.


A uniformed guard in a high visibility vehicle is used in the mobile patrol of both residential and commercial properties. We can tag patrols so that we can track exact times and locations of our patrols. In addition to mobile patrols our services also include unlocks and lockups, randomly timed internal and external patrols, maintenance reporting patrols, void property checks and miscellaneous access or contractor access in Gloucestershire. Our patrols are tailored to your exact specification ensuring our services are second to none!     
We have a range of vehicles to ensure that patrols can be undertaken all year round and are not interrupted by poor weather conditions.  We provide regular on-going patrols for residential and commercial properties and also patrols over short periods for clients who have more ad-hoc requirements.        
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