If you need to keep unwanted visitors from dropping in on your celebration or party, we provide uniformed or non-uniformed guards who will help to ensure the smooth running of your event.


Our Keyholding Service works hand in hand with our Alarm Response Service to deal with any issues at your property so you have total peace of mind that your property is looked after in your absence. We hold keys to a variety of properties both residential and commercial in Gloucestershire and are able to give you or anyone else entry to your property, take delivery of a parcel or anything else you require when you are not available should you instruct us to do so.
We have also worked with local companies for a number of years tasked with escorting staff safely off the premises at the end of the night and ensuring the premises are locked up securely.  We take pride in ensuring that staff are safe and there is no threat of danger to them and that your premises are secure.         
Static Guards
Mobile Patrols
Keyholding Services
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