If you need to keep unwanted visitors from dropping in on your celebration or party, we provide uniformed or non-uniformed guards who will help to ensure the smooth running of your event.


If your alarm is activated it communicates with our control room and the nearest Officer is immediately despatched to deal with the nature of the alarm eliminating any danger to yourself. We attend your property with the keys, source the nature of the activation and reset the system to ensure continued security. If there are signs of intrusion we liaise with the Police and contractors in your absence.
If we encounter a fault with your intruder alarm we will liaise with yourself and the relevant alarm maintainer to rectify the fault to ensure the continued security of your property or premises. 
PHX Security has a proven track record in responding not only to intruder alarms but also fire alarms, care alarms and panic alarms therefore ensuring the continued safety of the individual and the property.
We cover Gloucestershire residential and commercial properties and aim to arrive at your property within 20 minutes dependant on the location.
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